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App Design

App Logo's

To get your app going we need to start with 3 required elements:

  •   App Logo:
    • "Icon" on your phone desktop used to click to open the app.
    • It must be a transparent PNG image, 2014x1024 px

  • App Splash Image:
    • The image displayed used when your app is loading.
    • The maximum image upload size recommended is 1536X2048 px

  • App (default) Background:
    • The default image used on pages in your app.
    • The maximum image upload size recommended is 1536X2048 px

As long as the logo's and images are supplied in high-res (print quality) we will resize the images.

App Fonts & colours

Next, we fix the fonts, font sizes and colours to be used on the app. 

App Home Page

To get your app live & working FAST and keep up with the constant list of new mobile devices that are launched daily we have 15 tried & tested "Home Page" designs to welcome your app users. 

These designs are tested against all new major device releases and updated as required.

Rest of the app pages

Once the "Home Page" layout is completed we will move on to the rest of the pages in the app.  Each page has a role and is delivered by means of features (text pages, or news articles, shopping cart product or company listing etc) and each feature has its own layout & design settings.

Click here for a list of features available: