FAQ Apps / Features to add Commerce in your app

Features to add Commerce in your app

3rd Party Store

 Allow users to purchase products and services from your online shop with Ecommerce feature. You can also integrate your online store present on third party platforms like Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, etc., with this feature.

Online Shop

Online Shop to manage your inventory with Store feature, and increase your sales by allowing customers to conveniently browse your catalogue and make purchases.  

In-App purchases

Use In-App purchases to drive sales to digital products. Simply create a catalog for browsing Photos, Sound Files, Videos or eBooks and enable Monthly or Yearly payment options for users to buy them.


With Coupons, you can easily provide great deals to your app users with different options, including Buy and Get Free, Scratch and Win, and Discount Percentage. You can also customize and set different Validation on coupons and provide freebies and mid-freebies to your users. 

Loyalty Card

Engage your customers and reward them with Loyalty Cards. In addition to getting repeat business it is a great way of building your brand through goodwill.

Members Card

Give your customers a privileged status with membership cards. Add multiple member cards specific to a user or user group.


Empower developers to create the next generation of store finder, restaurant locator and city guide apps with ability to let users add their own listings. 

Coupon Directory

Generating and distributing soon-to-expire mobile coupons is a sure shot way to drive traffic and increase repeat visitors since research has proven that mobile coupons get ten times the redemption rate of traditional coupons 

Hire a local

Hyperlocal feature allows you and your users to create profile for their professions like plumbing, grooming, welding, and others, with hourly charges, in order to get work as per their area of expertise.

Real Estate

Add Real Estate page into your app, and allow users to list their properties for renting or selling. You can also synchronize your IDX property listings with your app and make it easier for buyers and tenants to get a clear view of the property and its prices. 

Room Reservation

Let your customers book an accommodation in just a few simple clicks, helping them find a perfect place for stay from anywhere across the globe. 

Dine In

 Satisfy users hunger any time of day by letting them place orders on the go. Simply add your restaurant food menu in the my apps area to enable this feature

Food Court

Food Court feature, clubbed with delivery management system, allows you to add restaurants present in your locality. The restaurant owner app will allow them to add their food and beverages menu and manage food orders. The customer-end app will allow customers to place food order and keep track of delivery in real-time, while the delivery app will allow delivery persons to accept and decline orders. With food court, you will also get a super-admin dashboard, which will provide you direct access to each and every process being executed on the apps. 


Promote your business and attract new customers by displaying user reviews from services like Yelp. Get customers to rate your services and leave comments.