FAQ Apps / Features available to display information in your app

App Features to display Information in  your app


Create a collection of pages all at one place to make it easier for users to access them in one go. 

About us page

Setting up structure and layout of a structured About Us page. 

Text Pages

Add informative content regarding your business with relative images or videos, and promote your business by allowing users to share the information with their contacts & on social media.

Editor Pages

To add customized content to the app, use the Editor page. Make the Editor page exactly the way you want with the ability to also add images to it. 

Code Pages

Add your own HTML, JavaScript, CSS code in the app, which works as a built-in section or tool. 


Allow app users to view your Google Drive and OneDrive documents, (like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xlx, .xlxs, .ppt and .txt) within the app. 


Allow app users to view your PDF & Epub files within the app. 


With Blog feature, you can directly add your own blog, or integrate blogs from third-party platforms, like WordPress, Blogger, Feedburner, Tumbler, etc. 


With News feature, you can keep your users updated regarding the latest news on current trends and hot topics simply by creating your own news feed or by integrating news feeds from third party platforms. 


For opening external web pages right through the app use this page. For example, if you're a rock band, you can include a link to your concert page or for an event app, you can include links to sponsors' websites.  


Integrate Zoho CRM, allowing your sales team to track leads on the go.


QR Codes

With QR Code, you can create QR codes for business cards

RSS Feeds

 RSS Feed allows your users to view and access multiple content streams in a timely fashion.