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The why ...

  • IT support - 2 years (Microsoft MCSE)
  • IT Call Center Manager - 2 years
  • Systems Development Manager - 2 years
  • Web developer & SEO optimisation specialist - 4 years
  • Online Marketing Manager - 2 years
  • Business & Digital Marketing Consultant - since 2004

The What ...

Some people can paint, others understand engines, some can balance books and immediate know where you did something wrong ...

I "see" the flow in business and instinctively know what needs to be in place for a business to work better.

It may be:

  • What to do with your old computers?
  • What do you need when you buy a new computer?
  • How do I network my office to make sharing information better? Using Dropbox, Evernote, email on the road ...
  • How do you connect to the internet
  • Where is your client newsletter sign-up form?
  • Do you reward clients for doing business or referring business to you?

This service ( is available to current clients with an active retainer & billed in 20 min consulting blocks.

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