FAQ Newsletter / March 2020 - FAQ Covid-19 Action Plan


FAQ Covid-19 Action Plan

I would like to reassure you that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, FAQ are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we remain fully operational, without compromising the health of our staff, their families and the community at large. 


Our hardware is hosted in a multi-site configuration by our hosting partners, DiaMatrix. Physical access to our hardware is exceptionally limited and the quantity of personnel required for any physical task is typically one individual, and only then in exceptionally unusual circumstances. Our platform is designed to be remotely administered by default as part of our 24/7 operations we do no not envisage any changes being necessary at a platform or hardware level to mitigate against potential impacts of current isolation planning.


Our offices are adhering to the best Covid-19 hygiene practices and have been increased throughout the premises. All meetings to our offices have been terminated and moved to Skype & Whatsapp calls.

Remote Visits:

Remote visits to client offices for IT support will be limited and :

  • No contact will be allowed with client staff.
  • Working areas will be disinfected by FAQ staff on getting to the client place of work.
  • We will use our own keyboards & mouse to interact with client computers. 

Annual Increases Postponed

Our annual increases is suppose to go active from March 2020, but with the Covid-19 virus  I feel it would be best to postpone the increase to your monthly fees until the crises has abated.

We hope this gesture helps in a small way as it is very important for us that we support you in any way we can.

Covid-19 Aware

Lastly, (for now) live like you have the Covid-19 virus & everybody else you get in contact with & help to stop the spread.