FAQ Apps / Features to help users Contact you from app

Features to help users Contact you from app

Push Notifications

Push Notifications (messages) directly to devices that have the app installed. Replace & save on SMS campaigns & stand out in the clutter of chat apps & social media platforms.  We have 5 options available. :

  • All Users - the same message to be sent to all users, eg broadcast to all clients for specials, news added to app etc.
  • Specific Users - select a user or users and send a to selected users, eg a reminder of an appointment
  • User Groups - Add users to multiple groups & send a message to all users in a group eg message to "Last minute deals", "Pre Launce Orders", product groupings "Hilux Customers".
  • Specific Geographies - notifications send to only apps within a set radius of place on map eg "Game Over Promo, 2 beers for the price of 1 (if you can make it in the last 30 minutes before we close), send to 5km radius from pub.
  • Setup Geo-Fencing, to automatically send user a message when the app is within the fenced area setup of the message, eg Show Reminder notification for people driving into a town.


A simple way for your customers to reach you. This one page can help give all details for customers to either call, email, visit the website, or find your business on a map.

Form Builder

Allow users to schedule an appointment and send inquiries with pre-set form formats. You can also create your own form for your specific needs using custom form options. 


Display the exact location of your business, or branches right on the app, making it easy for users to get directions.  


Allow users to get in touch with you directly at the tap of a button through phone, external link, email or SMS. 


Book appointments or sessions on the move. Integrate your scheduling pages on Appointy, Booker, Genbook, Schedulicity, and other platforms directly into your app. 


Post positive experiences of your customers to the app to help promote it among existing and targeted users. 


 Now experience all the benefits of forum with your registered users.