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End User Testing

End user testing can include:

  • Making sure that the end product ( web or app) is what was set out in the user requirement specification or wireframes.
  • Making sure that the same experience is delivered on all browsers, operating systems of devices.
  • Making sure that content is available on multiple screen sizes.
  • Making sure that  navigation & links work.
  • Making sure that forms work (submit, save & email)
  • Making sure that data capturing save & display calculations or saved results.

Services used in end user testing

  • Logging the scenario that was used to test & being able to replicate test ( screenshots or screen video captures).
  • Logging of errors & providing designers or developers with feedback on how test was applied and the results received.
  • ENDLESS re-testing to ensure problems are fixed.
  • Variable testing to use different scenarios to try and simulate same error situations. 
  • Constructive feedback to assist in identifying and correcting repetitive mistakes by designers and developers. 
  • Confidence (when working with development companies and agencies) that problems are fixed before clients get involved with testing.
  • Confidentiality (when working with development companies and agencies) that NDA agreements will protect propriety processes employed by agencies and client confidentiality.