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User Requirement Specifications

User Requirement Specifications  is the process of documenting what the client NEEDS ARE and NOT what the solution should be....

Defined as :

User requirements document. The user requirement(s) document (URD) or user requirement(s) specification (URS) is a document usually used in software engineering that specifies what the user expects the software to be able to do.

Case study: Nutritional production company

URS Sections

Section 1 Purpose
Section 2 General System Requirements
2.1 Major System Capabilities
2.2 Major System Conditions
2.3 System Interfaces
2.4 System User Characteristics
Section 3 Policy and Regulation Requirements
Section 4 Security Requirements
Section 5 Training Requirements
Section 6 Initial Capacity Requirements
Section 7 Initial System Architecture
Section 8 System Acceptance Criteria
Section 9 Current System Analysis
Section 10 References
Section 11 Glossary
Section 12 Document Revision History

*Client names & products names removed due to NDA agreements.